APS Shade Tree Program

In case you missed my Blog last week.

 APS Shade Tree Program now Available.  Planting shade trees in your yard can save you up to $50 per year on your energy bill by blocking the sun’s rays and reducing your cooling needs. The APS Shade Tree program provides free shade tree workshops and free trees to help you maximize your energy savings.

The following requirements must be met to qualify for this program:

  • Must be a current APS residential customer living in Maricopa County
  • Must be able to plant the trees approximately 15 feet away from the western, eastern or southern side of your home
  • Must have the legal right to plant the trees on the propertyMust have the ability to care for the tree as needed
  • Must attend an APS Shade Tree workshop

The current APS Shade Tree workshop and tree pickup dates are May 14 and May 21 in Glendale. You can learn more about this program and register for a workshop at aps.com/trees. You must register for the workshop to attend.

About Gail Johnson

Gail Johnson, Broker/Owner, Green Home Properties, REALTOR® is committed to energy-efficiency, sustainability and green building principals in order to provide guidance to those interested in buying new or retrofitting homes. Gail is EcoBroker® certified, the first in Arizona to complete the National Association of Realtor's GREEN® designation. Gail was approved by Green America and listed in the National Green Pages™.
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One Response to APS Shade Tree Program

  1. Francine says:

    Hi Gail,
    Say, this is a great idea from APS – and it’s free! I just paid $260 for a replacement tree that got trashed by the winter frost. THAT tree was only on our property for a little over a year and it cost $500!
    I can’t afford to keep doing this at these prices, but I can’t beat the price on the APS trees…
    Thanks for sharing!

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