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I haven’t tried this but the comments sound convincing.  If you live near horses or water you’ll surely have a fly or million.  Too good to not pass on.

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Frank Lloyd Wright house saved from Demolition

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New 2015 Efficiency Standards for A/C and Hot Water Heaters

Air Conditioning Efficiency Standards
AC for ET
Beginning January 1, 2015 the minimum efficiency standard for A/C split systems increased from 13 SEER to 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) in most Southwest and Southern states. The minimum efficiency for heat pumps and package units increased to 14 SEER in all states.

There is an 18 month grace period to allow manufacturers to exhaust current supply of 13 SEER units.  For the most part home warranty companies will continue with 13 SEER units until the supply is gone. Manufacturers are forecasting enough supply to last through the summer of 2015.

Also, with the continued elimination and eventual extinction of R-22 Freon, it is my belief that once the supply of 13 SEER units goes away, companies will be looking at installing only R-410A units – the days of R-22 Freon systems will be gone and the cost of R-22 Freon will continue to rise.

r Heater Efficiency Standards

Beginning April 16, 2015 the minimum efficiency standards for residential water heaters are increasing. The new standards will require nearly all electric, oil, gas and tankless gas water heaters to carry higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings. Both electric and gas water heaters will be broken down into two size categories. It is estimated that less than 10% of the water heaters serviced today are larger than 55 gallons.

Water HeaterWater Heaters 20 to 55 gallons
The new 
higher efficient water heaters may be two inches taller and two inches wider than the same gallon capacity of water heater that is currently in the home.

Water Heaters over 55 gallons
Water heaters that are larger than 55 gallons will undergo the biggest changes. All residential gas models over 55 gallons must be of the condensing water heater type design. All residential electric models over 55 gallons must be of the hybrid electric heat pump water heater design.

Dept of EnergyClick here for more information from the Department of Energy.

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Get ready for new water heater regulations

I am an advocate for home warranties.  I constantly hear complaints from people who have home warranties that they end up paying anyway.  Home warranties do cover the cost of most plumbing repairs (see your coverage) but most do not cover the cost of retrofitting.  See what is changing in water heaters and if you have questions about your coverage, or if you need to increase your coverage before you need it, contact your home warranty company.

Get ready for new water heater regulations.

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Tax Increase Prevention Act Approved

Green Florida Broker

Last week the House approved H.R.  5771, the Tax Increase Prevention Act which will extend numerous tax bills that expired during 2014.  The renewal now extends the deadlines to 12/31/14, retroactive to January 1, 2014.  Many of these extensions affect the housing industry.

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Keep your Christmas safe – no PVCs!

PVC Christmas TreeI am becoming more and more familiar with the toxic results of PVCs inside the home.  This summer I had an environmental infection/rash from something that I came in contact with; it was either in my home or some thing I came in contact with.

Don’t ignore any changes to your skin (rashes), breathing, problems your children are having, etc. during this holiday season.  PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is in just about every holiday decoration.  Please read this article to get familiar with just what PVCs can do to your health.  Before you buy those shiny, just can’t-live-without, decorations, look to see if they are made from PVC, if the label doesn’t say, ask!!!

I have been in search of a PE (polyethylene) christmas tree.  They are expensive but they won’t hurt or kill you.  Pre-lit trees are not 100% PE.  The lights that are used on pre-lit trees are made from PVC.

Best bet is to buy a real tree but even then make sure the tree is from a sustainable source.

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Thinking of renting your house out for SuperBowl – read this first.

In January/February, 2015 not only does The SuperBowl return to Phoenix, but, the NFL Pro Bowl, Waste Management Phoenix Open, Fiesta Bowl and the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction.   Continue reading

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Are you buying a house with Solar?

Residential solar panelsThis week I attended an attorney-taught class about solar leasing and purchasing contracts.   Below are some highlights and takeaways from that class. Continue reading

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Want cold water – turn on the hot – HUH???

Hot waterHave you ever measured the amount of water that goes down the drain waiting on hot water?  Better yet have you measured the water lost waiting on cold water? Continue reading

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Energy Efficient Mortgages: Past, Present and Future | Geneva Financial, LLC

Energy Efficient Mortgages: Past, Present and Future

June 24, 2014

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The Energy Efficient Mortgage

The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) is a little known mortgage product that the majority of homeowners could benefit from, yet many are unaware of its existence.  In this article I will provide a high level overview of the EEM as it is today, the EEM as it was yesterday and plans for the EEM of the future.

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